Another set of Abstract Walls! A little more complicated this time, with a sprinkle of 3D effects gave these selection a more livelier ambiance! So have a closer look, click on the images you like to view the actual pixels of the wallpaper! Enjoy!

So, have you picked any? Till my next post!

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Orange Wallpapers

Among the people, who went visiting my blog and posted some shout outs in my box, one actually got my attention. Jerine, she was asking how to make an abstract photos, then i replied that there is no impossible with Photoshop nowadays! But while doing some researches about her query, i found out that it not all Photoshop who's doing all this, but a software they call Cinema4D! More advance and of course, more complicated. So, if you're interested, here's a tutorial!
Here's another set for you, guys... Nothing so special, but i assure it looks good!

Now, what? Let's get back to work! :)

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Digitally Patterned Wallpapers

It took me a while to actually update this blog and share with you a couple more images... It's not that i don't feel like doing it, but i took my time thinking if is it worth continuing managing this blog. Well, i got nothing to loose if I'll keep my head up and do what i love most! So here i go again with another post!

I want to call this, Digitally patterned wallpapers! Due to the fact, that they're digitally weaved! They maybe be similar with my 1st post, but more advance and 3D-liked photos!

I hope you don't mind if i included some 3D stuff with that! Thanks for viewing guys and if you still have some more time to drop a line or two in my ShoutBox! I'll be more than happy! Thanks!

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